Photo Album 31 - Coming Soon - Operation Market Garden

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  Sd. Kfz. 184 ELEFANT and Opel Truck


The layout as of now. The Opel truck is broken down, and there will be two Germans working the engine. One of them is partly done. The Kitchen Wagon will be passing it by. The mounted Wehrmacht Soldier is directing the Elefant around the distressed truck. The scene takes place atop a dike in Holland during the September, 1944, Allied offensive known as Operation Market Garden, or, as it is more popularly known, the famous "Bridge Too Far". Note the dried rivulets streaming down the hillside. The landscaping is quite basic and needs more work, and as yet I have not built the frame.  I'll probably add some telephone poles and maybe a few bushes to spice up the contours a bit. 


Above: The rear of the Elefant.


Above: The Opel truck. The truck is done, as is the Kitchen Wagon. The horses are done, but are not yet hitched to the wagon. The horse manes and tails were hell to make!! I used unraveled strands of rope. The men are in their first stages of paint and posing. The truck carries fuel and a crated Maybach tank engine


Above: The Elefant, all done except for a few details. The driver's face needs some touching up. I did not notice flaws in his eyes until I took some close up pictures. He's got that Deer in the Headlights look. Pissed me off, cause he's glued in there pretty well! Might have to cut him out from under the tank. 


Above: Another view of the Elefant.


Above: The mounted soldier. He'll be done with another hour or two of work.

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